Extension Cords, Crock pot (just about every other kind of appliance and utensil is there), bath rug, paper towels, Dish cloth and towels (some are provided- but you may want more), There are blankets and extra pillows, and a few hangars in the closet. Bring bed linens and personal towels/washcloths.

Extension cords with adapters for 3 prong appliances. Blankets, cooler/small refrigerator to store cold things in room, card table or other small table. There isn't a lot of "flat space" in the rooms, paper towels, bed linens and personal towels/wash cloths, coffee pot. Sleeper sofas in Suites are full size beds.

Hand broom or mini-vac, all purpose cleaner, rags or paper towels, painters tape for hanging signs outside your door, frozen pre-prepared food, slow cooker, laundry detergent, an empty suitcase for all your purchases and kids "make and take" stuff, garbage bags (if it rains) for children, umbrellas for adults, door stops to prop open doors for visiting. Queen size sheets (bedspread provided), pillow cases (pillows provided), personal towels/wash cloths.


Faith Apartments come with two bedrooms, one queen size bed, two twin size beds, and one sleeper couch in the living room. There is a full kitchen with standard refrigerator, cook top stove, oven, microwave and coffee maker. The kitchen is also equipped with limited dishes, pots, pans, cutlery and basic utensils. There are also one and a half bathrooms. Suggestions to bring: 1 set of queen size sheets with comforter, 2 sets of twin sheets with comforters, 1 set of full size sheets with comforter for sleeper couch if needed, all towels, Bath soap, Hand Soap for two bathrooms, Bath mat for upstairs bathroom, Dish washing liquid, Paper plates, bowls and plastic utensils (if you do not want to wash a lot of dishes), Kitchen towels, Paper towels, Trash bags (Bonclarken supplies garbage bags but you may need more than is given), Frozen foods, Refrigerated foods, Flashlights for walking through Bonclarken at night, Alarm Clock. Extra Notes:There is a broom in the closet. Bonclarken staff pick up trash once a day.

All regular camping stuff plus extra folding tables, plenty of tarps and ropes (tarps for over and under the tent), extension cords and power strips, umbrellas and rain gear especially
mud boots, clothes line and clothes pins, rug/mat for outside and inside tent, broom and dustpan, griddles, crock pots, cook stove, lots of lights (lanterns, twinkly lights, etc), flip flops for bathhouse, a little potty chair for in the tent at night for the little ones. Cook everything you can ahead of time (you can even pre-fry bacon and warm it on the griddle).
Storage containers with lids, garbage can and bags, dish pans, dish soap, all kitchen and personal towels, can opener. All of the above are suggestions (except for the bedding/towels - they are essentials), that have been shared by some attendees who stayed in these various places. Each family's needs will be different but maybe these will "jog" your thinking so you can come with what you need and save a few Wal-Mart runs.