What are bubble balls?
Bubble balls are large, plastic inflatables that enable a person to get inside and wear the ball like a backpack. They are about 5' wide and weigh 30 pounds each. Ideally, each participant should be at least 4'8" tall.
The balls are a lot of fun whether you are participating in a sport or just watching others play.

A Brief History of Bubble Balls at Roundhouse
Stephen Bradd bought a set of bubble balls for business purposes in Spring 2014 and was granted permission by the Board to bring them to Roundhouse that Fall for fun. The balls are now used annually at RH for 2 separate activities:

(1) BUBBLE SOCCER (a traditional game of soccer is played with all participants inside bubble balls) &

(2) BUBBLE SUMO (two players put on bubble balls and then wrestle & bang against each other until one is knocked out of the playing area; a basic tournament is organized to determine a bubble sumo champion)

Roundhouse Bubble Sumo Champion
2015 - Caleb Beck
2014 - Robert Kuenning

A video from RH 2015 by Marshall Collins

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